Health Care

We need to establish a single-payer Medicare for All public health insurance program that covers everyone from the day they are born until the day they die so that never again does anyone have to worry about losing their health insurance. Under a single-payer Medicare for All program, we will no longer be at the mercy of the private health insurance industry. Your coverage will be guaranteed to you regardless of your employment or your life circumstances. While it will take time to fully implement a Medicare for All system, it is vital that we set that as our goal now and then devote ourselves to achieving it as quickly as possible. People’s lives and livelihoods literally depend on it.

Defending Democracy

Our democratic system faces multiple threats from sources both foreign and domestic. Partisan gerrymandering, the corrupting influence of corporate cash, and restrictions on voting rights all weaken our representative government. At the same time, the very integrity of our free and fair elections is threatened by the machinations of a foreign power.

It was the need to defend and revitalize our democracy that first motivated my candidacy. I’ll protect people’s right to vote and work to rid our system of the corrupting influence of big money. I haven’t accepted a single penny of corporate PAC money, and I never will.

I’ve called publicly for the Congress to take vigorous action to protect our elections from foreign interference. Unfortunately, the current congressional majority has failed to act. If you are a member of Congress and you do not take the safety and security of our democracy seriously, you have no business being in office.

The balance of powers among the branches of government is a vital safeguard for our democracy. When a president – any president – oversteps the bounds of their authority, the Congress must step in and provide accountability. As your representative I will fulfill this vitally important responsibility.

Building Strong Rural Economies

Owning a business in a small town has given me a deeper understanding of the issues facing many people in northern and western Wisconsin. I’ve seen how main streets in too many towns have struggled to keep open businesses – even if everyone wants them to stay. Many of our young people move to larger cities to find better job opportunities.

To build strong rural economies, we must invest in our rural infrastructure. That means quality broadband for businesses and individuals, as well as better highway and rail networks to connect rural Wisconsin to regional, national, and global markets. I’ll make sure that when it comes federal infrastructure spending, that northern and western Wisconsin don’t get left behind.

National Security

The security of our nation has always been a priority for me. That’s why I joined the U.S. Navy after high school. National security, however, is not just about having the strongest military and the best weaponry. It’s also about diplomacy, building alliances, and fostering a strong and fair economy. Too many of our leaders have forgotten that.

We are a powerful nation, but we must use that power wisely. America is most secure when we are guided by our core values as a nation. To lead, is to first and foremost, to lead by example. We must promote and defend democracy, human rights, free and fair elections, freedom of the press, and the integrity of the judiciary. And we must do so consistently – at home and abroad.

An Economy that Works for All of Us

People are working hard – oftentimes at more than one job. They’re raising children who they wish the world for. They’re seniors, who worry about whether their Social Security or Medicare benefits they paid into their whole lives will be cut. They’re young people struggling to make ends meet on minimum wage.

I’ll defend Social Security and Medicare – and I’ll work to expand Social Security so it provides working people with paid family and medical leave in times of need. I’ll fight for a $15 per hour minimum wage. Together, we can build an economy that works for all of us.

Supporting Our Veterans

Having served in the US Navy, I know just how important it is that we fulfill our obligations to our veterans. I myself have received excellent Veterans Administration care. To ensure the quality of veterans’ care, we need to properly fund the VA and address service delivery issues quickly and effectively. I will fight any move to privatize the VA. The Veterans Administration meets the unique health care needs of our veterans – needs that cannot be sacrificed for the benefit of the private health care sector.

We must also make sure that our veterans, most especially our combat veterans, have the support they need to flourish in civilian life. I’ll work to expand job opportunities for veterans and will oppose funding cuts for programs that support veterans and their families.

Meeting the Environmental Challenge

In the 21st Century, if we are not careful, we may do serious and perhaps irreparable harm to the natural environment that supports and sustains all life, including our own.  Fortunately, we can find new ways to meet our economic needs while also protecting the environment- but only if we recognize the real dangers in front of us and have the political will to face them directly.

Climate change is real and is already causing us both financial and personal harm. The United States must invest aggressively in a clean energy economy, and we must make sure that northern and western Wisconsin participate in and benefit from the clean energy industries that our future rests upon.  We must also do what is necessary to protect our local waters.  We can’t let poor planning and lack of oversight cause us to lose one of our most precious resources upon which we all depend.